Procurement & Supply

Klyshier Global Services Limited is a leading organization dedicated to the procurement services/sourcing of industry oriented goods and services. Our expertise lies with the identification of suppliers, goods and services, the negotiation of pricing, terms and conditions and in the delivery to the end user. We are a recognized global standard for procurement and supply management.

Having a clear cut understanding that procurement and supply management is a key index for effective business performance which involves buying the goods and services that enable an organization to operate in a profitable and ethical manner.

At Klyshier our responsibilities vary from sourcing raw materials and services to managing contracts and relationships with suppliers. We focus mostly on difficult countries where the market for goods and services lacks transparency and fluidity, and where consequently many products and services are hard to find and / or command a high price.

Our strength lies in our dedicated sourcing team, our systematic quality control at the origin of the goods and in our expertise in logistics and transport related issues.

Klyshier Global Services – industrial suppliers and one stop sourcing… Electrical, Construction, Mechanical, Chemical material, Machinery and Equipment and Fittings

Although we have somewhat became more knowledgeable and efficient sourcing chemicals and construction related goods, we have supplied a wide range of other products.

One stop shop: increasingly our strategy is to become a preferred supplier to large industry players remain our utmost goal. We help them find a variety of products, regardless of the value or location. Our unique model creates the ultimate win-win situation and as such our clients develop confidence on our expertise as a reliable partner for all its procurement and supply requirements.

We set the Standard…

At Klyshier, our Global Standard in Procurement and Supply is the benchmark for skills and competencies in the profession. While our business model is demand driven, and with time we have come to specialize in certain types of products and services, there are theoretically few products and services that we are unable to find, purchase and deliver.

We are the Voice…

At Klyshier Global Services Limited, we are one stop procurement and supply service providers. We deliver beyond expectation, at the most cost effective way and within breath taking speed.

Electrical supply and engineering

We have developed a strong network of partners for the supply of electrical solution, this goes beyond trading and involves value added services:

Generators: we work closely with two of the most reliable suppliers of distributors in China, and are able to supply small to large power and synchronized. Here we take on mostly a trading role, although we can supply commissioning and maintenance when required.

Transformers: likewise we work closely with one of the most efficient supplier of transformers in Thailand. Dry and wet transformers are available.

Our closest cooperation is with the worldwide leader in the distribution of low and medium voltage. We have worked together in projects as varied as substations and the supply of ATV to the telecom industry. This is where the added value is the strongest.

We have a worldwide reputation for excellence and our regulated procurement policies are fully implemented and managed by highly qualified highly skilled procurement and supply professionals. Our warm and functional local and international partnerships with leading manufacturers, logistics and freight companies enable our procurement team process, track and deliver demands within contractual timelines to our highly esteemed clients.

Let us know what your requirements are; we will provide the solution and strive to go beyond yours expectations.