Onshore & Offshore Solutions

Klyshier Global Services offers unique services to the Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria and the African region. We provide effective solutions in sourcing, importing and supply of spare parts and specialized equipment.

  • Specialized international procurement and supplies
  • Manufacturer representation
  • offshore maintenance and repairs
  • High and low pressure leak repairs- pipelines, flow lines, storage tanks etc
  • Wall Reinforcement/Corrosion Control- mechanical damage, corrosion damage, dents etc
  • Pipe/Flow line Repair, Maintenance, Reinforcement Training and Consultancy
  • Outsourcing

Obsolescence Management

As new technologies and inventions emerge, others become obsolete. Addressing obsolescence proactively can cost less than an unavoidable product redesign. Klyshier Global Services Limited employs experts to minimize the financial impact of obsolescence by evaluating families of parts for standardization and using analytics to optimize your inventory.

AT Klyshier Global Services Limited, we ensure efficient and timely delivery of projects and services, while utilizing a well established international network of suppliers and partnership from Europe, Germany, USA and the Far East. Our Engineering teams work closely with specially selected freight forwarding and clearing companies who understand the demands of our industry.

Technical Inspection

Klyshier Global Services Limited provides field engineering services to monitor complex equipment in service. Through state-of-the-art analytics tools – as well as associated equipment – we can monitor equipment remotely, examine trends, and predict failures in order to minimize equipment down time.