Mechanical Engineering Services

Flexible Resources, Skilled Tradesmen, Engineering Services, & Market Expertise

Klyshier Global Services Mechanical Engineering Team wants to put our experience as both contractors and engineers to work on your next design–build project. Klyshier Global Services Limited is a leading Mechanical engineering service provider across a wide range of industries, uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our clients.

We accelerate timelines and drive success at every stage of the project lifecycle: from initial analysis, to design, validation, and beyond. Because we’re able to provide experienced engineers for both full-time and contract work, you have access to unparalleled flexibility and agility—shortening time-to-market and supporting your business goals

At Klyshier Global Services Limited, we are committed to providing “Premier Mechanical Construction and Repair Services” to our clients nation-wide.

As a merit shop commercial / industrial mechanical contractor our team is ready to provide your firm with top quality engineering, process piping, plumbing, hydraulic piping, HVAC, sheet metal and HVAC service on your next design-build project.

Whether its shopping centers and restaurants, office buildings or industrial processing plants, we can assemble the team of engineers, managers and skilled tradesmen to handle the most challenging projects. Having worked in more than thirty states for our current clients, maybe you should discover what they already have! If you want it done safely, completed on time and at the highest level of quality.

Klyshier Global Services Limited is poised to bring a wide range of engineering services ranging from execution of Mechanical engineering contracts to execution of specialized and structured projects such as:

  • Roads, Drainages and Bridges
  • Swamp clearing
  •  Steel fabrication
  • Plant /asset management and maintenance
  • Pipe repairs and maintenance
  •  Pressure gauges
  •  Safety valves and repairs
  • Process packages
  • Flare system maintenance,
  • Supply and repairs of safety valves, pressure gauges

We work with highly reputable international companies and manufacturers. With this, we are able to offer comprehensive reliable and professional services designed to satisfy specific needs. From international sourcing to local delivery, OEM representation and local logistics solutions, Klyshier Global Services Limited possesses the requisite multi-level expertise for Oil and Gas facilitation.