Human Capital Development – (HCD) Policy

At Klyshier Global Services Limited, we encourage and aspire to carry out Human Capital Development (HCD), programmes and services with the view to enhance the skills-set and knowledge system of our highly esteemed trainees. Klyshier Global provides expertise in human capital Development and workforce optimization for organizations seeking to achieve a more flexible and efficient workforce.

At Klyshier Global, we understand importance of Human Capital Development and as such assist aspiring individuals acquire valuable skills and vocational training which will empower them to become effective, efficient and competent in their respective areas of specialization. We partners with clients to find solutions for human resource challenges.

In order to adequately proffer human capital solutions, we continuously seek for the finest blend of innovation, technology and creative ways to indentify, invest both time and money in providing cutting-edge capacity building training, with local and international certifications and mobilize people to fortify their personal and interpersonal skills.

Our specialized services include:
  • Human Resources Consulting,
  • Employee Investigations,
  • HR Outsourcing, Recruitment,
  • HR Infrastructure,
  • Employee Compensation,
  • Training & Development,
  • HR Policies & Procedures