What began as a small operation in 2010 has become a global company offering a wide range of services in nearly every industry.

Having been duly incorporated in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission, Today, Klyshier Global Services Limited has become Nigeria’s finest industry player strategically positioned and fully committed to meeting the contemporary needs of our highly esteemed clients.

At klyshier we have trained professionals serving hundreds of clients across various locations in Nigeria and Africa. Klyshier provides engineering consultancy and technical support services to some of the world’s biggest organizations. We take a partnering approach to provide customer-driven solutions that are flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

We are engineering and facility maintenance contractors; we work with foreign technical support, affiliation and supervision and have enviable experience listing in deep water operations and service delivery. Our technologies are designed to accommodate conditions of high temperature and pressure, erosive and abrasive flows, and chemically aggressive environment. We undertake deep water welding and fabrication, minor and major engineering works.

Our rapidly expanding capabilities are found in engineering and civil works, construction, electrical, instrumentation, facility maintenance, corrosion treatment and inhibition services, surface preparation and profiling, coating, offshore maintenance, emergency leak repair without shutdowns, pipeline maintenance services.


To maintain our leading position in the industry and sustain our guaranteed market segmentation while developing and driving innovative market penetration strategies towards the accelerated growth and goals of the company. In line with our sustainability mission strategy, we shall offer:

  • Engineering maintenance services
  • Specialized Project management Services
  • Human Capital Development Programmes and Projects
  • Marine and Swamp Operations
  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  • Procurement and Logistics Services


At Klyshier Global Services Limited, we understand that client needs can vary from month to month and project to project. To better serve our clients, we’ve created strategic business units designed to act as centers of excellence: Engineering Services and Tech Services. Within each unit we are able to provide end-to-end engineering consulting services and staffing solutions. Learn more about our strategic business units.

  • Continue to play in a niche market with our specialized skills.
  • Drive Excellence in Business Leadership
  • Commitment to environmental laws.
  • Implement our Corporate Social Responsibilities to our host communities
  • Provide enhanced specialized and vocational skill acquisition training,
  • Provide Innovative technology solutions to solve contemporary business challenges
  • Drive growth through innovative business models and strategies
  • Strive to meet company and goals as well as client expectations.
  •  continue to play in a niche market with our specialized skills.
  • Leadership and commitment to environmental laws.
  • Enhanced training,skill acquisition and new knowledge


At Klyshier Global Services Limited our company goal is on engineering projects and better consultancy services outcomes.

We aim to earn your trust and provide our clients with superior quality—quality services, maximizing high standard resources, and innovative technology solutions.

We know that our client’s needs vary from month to month and from product to product and our size, expertise, and flexibility allow us to quickly provide cutting-edge solutions to meet your needs.

 Our corporate Policy

  • Strive towards accomplishing, integrity, excellence and satisfaction of our client’s expectations.
  • Develop a team relationship with clients and partners with hope to provide the most reliable, honest, well engineered solutions to solve contemporary industry problems.
  • Achieve higher levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability to enhance growth.
  • Perform corporate duties in safe, conducive environment and approved legal provisions.
  • Respond to business operations with innovative entrepreneurial approach.

Klyshier Global Services Limited is firmly committed to High Quality Management. The importance of Quality Control / Quality Assurance as well as safety management underscores our operational procedure.


Our Employees

At Klyshier Global, our employees are seen and treated as assets with quantifiable value that can be increased through specific and measurable management techniques and human capital development solutions. Over the years, our personnel at KGSL have consistently delivered breath-taking projects which have accelerated our fundamental expertise and unique capabilities in specialized engineering services.

Our Team is composed of seasoned industry experts with success-proven project delivery antecedents, integrated with enduring years of experience in their specialized areas of expertise. Our Team of locally and internationally trained, certified and motivated personnel are most eager to offer optimum services to our highly esteemed clients.

At Klyshier Global we place great emphasis and commitment to staff welfare. As a leading industry company with global best practices and focus, we are committed to the implementation of the local content policy of the Nigerian Government.

Our staff are highly trained and motivated to give optimum service to our clients through an enhanced incentive scheme. We are also fully committed to the implementation of Nigerian Pension Scheme and other reward incentives.

At Klyshier Global Services Limited, we believe that our greatest resources are our workforce. We trust and believe in their ability to continue to deliver value added services to our highly esteemed clients.