Klyshier Global Services Limited is among the largest and finest blend of engineering, construction and consulting companies in the rich oil & gas sector of Nigeria’s robust economy. We provide end-to-end engineering, logistics, procurement and workforce supply services to our highly esteemed and prospective clients.

With several successful years of multi-industry experience as a global supplier of engineering services and technical solutions to a diverse spectrum of industries, we are poised to offer quality, deliver unparallel project execution, ensure equitable resources allocation, and ensure satisfactory execution and commissioning of projects at specific timeline.

Our services are efficient and satisfactory
Our Team is composed of seasoned industry experts with success-proven project delivery antecedents, integrated with enduring years of experience in their specialized areas of expertise. Our Team of locally and internationally trained, certified and motivated personnel are most eager to offer optimum services to our highly esteemed clients.
We are honest and open to communication with our clients.
Discovering innovative, safest, fast, efficient, cost effective and innovative ways of executing projects and delivering services, while driving our core objective of sustaining our leading position and market share in the industry.
We handle your project with quality and safety.
The following shall remain our focal point and key competitive advantage.
Maximize Speed, Innovation, Quality and Efficiency with the aim of recognizing diversity of ideas, perspectives, skills, knowledge and competencies in the delivery of projects and services. Drive change and inclusion of a broad-base of cultural values across our company environment in a bid to foster unity and understanding. Protect the quality of products/ services; ensure none violation of employee rights while achieving satisfaction of clients at all times.


Engineering Analysis and Completion

Klyshier Global Services Limited manages one of the largest analysis teams in Nigeria in partnership with leading international organizations. Our comprehensive range of analytical capabilities is unmatched in the engineering and consulting industry. We work with you and your team from project initiation, implementation structural design, statistical analysis to project completion and commissioning.  At klyshier Global, we have the expertise, competence and technical skills to match your project specifications.

Our Engineering Group
Through value engineering analysis, Klyshier Global will help you reduce project life cycle costs while maintaining quality, safety, and reliability. Working with Klyshier’s engineering group will give you the most satisfying and knowledge gathering experience. We work closely with your supply value chain requirements and specifications to provide the right solutions for specific project needs.

Whether it’s a CAD drawing – or even a napkin sketch – we can turn your vision into reality. No matter what the challenge is, our plastic, mechanical, or engineering group of professionals can take your design from a prototype to a fully functioning product.

Testing is essential for discovering project flaws or other problems. Klyshier Global Engineering group supports lab-based as well as physical testing, From components to systems, to complete products, we can work with you to fulfill all your testing needs.

Calibration and Certification
Standards help to ensure the safety of projects. At Klyshier Global Services Limited, we have convened seasoned industry experts who understand how to meet or exceed rigorous certification standards. We can help you achieve certification and calibration of projects.

Unique Cost Modeling & Detailing Approach

At Klyshier Global Services Limited, engineering projects and consulting services has been our core business area for several years of active participation and as such, we have developed extensive cost design capabilities across most industries as well as a deep knowledge of most commercial costing tools. Our unique Cost Modeling and Detailing approach allows us to work alongside as an extension of your team, while utilizing your industry standards and project budget.

We tailor the cost of your projects and services to align with your financial budget and expectation while ensuring strict adherence to our Quality Control and Quality Assurance Policy. Over the years, our competitive pricing strategy has continued to set us apart and has empowered our Project Implementation Department with requisite skills to deliver satisfactory project analysis and costing to meet the project specifications and needs of our highly esteemed clients.

At Klyshier Global, our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy aims at ensuring that its services are delivered in a manner that is safe and not detrimental to the health of our safe and environment

..total quality service, total quality management!